What is Wooltrace?

What is Wooltrace?

Wooltrace is a yarn with a mission. Our trademark fully traceable yarn guarantees fair pay to sheep farmers and fosters positive environmental and social change. Spun and dyed by us, this superior quality wool is made with passion and purpose in every fibre.

Here at byLaxtons we are committed to transparency and accountability at every stage of production and have made our social and environmental responsibility a top priority.

The concept for Wooltrace is simple: to create a united supply chain and to promote wool grown and spun in the UK, contributing to the ongoing sustainability of the British sheep farming industry. By empowering farmers through fair pay and encouraging responsible practices, Wooltrace aims to reshape the landscape of the yarn industry, encouraging a full circle approach from fleece to finished yarn.

Wooltrace is based on 4 fundamental values:


Working closely with British Wool we ensure that farmers within the supply chain are compensated fairly for the high-quality wool that they produce.


Full traceability is at the heart of the Wooltrace ethos. Accessible via a QR code located on each hank of Wooltrace yarn, our ‘Farm Finder’ allows you to discover the farm(s) from which the yarn in your hands originated. In learning about the farmers that have grown the wool we hope to create positive connections with farming communities and to promote a more holistic approach to manufacturing.


Wooltrace farmers prioritise the health and happiness of their sheep adhering to the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. This dedication ensures that the animals are well-cared for and that their health and comfort is protected.


We are proud to support the British farming industry by sourcing wool exclusively grown in the UK. By collaborating with British Wool, Wooltrace aims to create sustainable and regenerative routes to market that benefit farmers, animals, consumers, and the land.

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