Inspired by Yorkshire

Inspired by Yorkshire

From fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles, our Sheepsoft family of yarns are inspired by the Yorkshire landscape that we call home.

We understand that colour is personal. Whilst trends, moods and fashions might sway us towards one colour or another, an affinity to certain shades is instinctive and individual. It’s often colour that will draw us to a yarn even before texture, fibre, and touch.

When creating a colour palette for our yarn we take time to consider the finished knits that you might create and the necessary breadth of a paintbox of shades that work just as well on their own as they do when combined for colourwork such as stripes, intarsia, or stranding.  

Nature is always our go-to resource, and the Yorkshire moors, dales, waterfalls, and woodland surrounding our factory offer a wealth of inspiration. Brooding skies, dry stone walls, meadow flowers and limestone villages interspersed with industrial buildings provide endless palettes with which to experiment.

The soft, heathered shades of Sheepsoft available in full in our 4ply and DK weights are textural and a little rustic reflecting the authenticity of British wool and its roots in the landscape. We achieve the heathered shades by blending natural undyed colours of the Masham with fibre dyed Bluefaced Leicester.

A few of our favourites are:

AYSGARTH - a grey-toned pale blue named after the 3 stepped waterfalls that have long attracted poets and painters including Wordsworth and Turner seeking out the sublimity of nature and the picturesque. Just as beautiful today as they were in the early 19th century, the falls at Aysgarth are a popular tourist
destination for those looking for that Romantic notion of awe.

GRASSINGTON – the word association to the bright green of lawns and meadows felt fitting for this
fresh shade. Named after the bustling market town nestled in the Yorkshire dales, surrounded by limestone scenery, and celebrated for its rich archaeological history.

KILNSEY – the perfect shade of pink, subtle enough to appease even those who say they don’t like pink!
Tempered by an earthy base this is a warm shade which pairs well with browns and neutrals. Locals will know Kilnsey Park and its famous trout farm, a model of sustainable, renewable fishing.

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Please note that whilst we take every care to ensure that all of our images of our yarns are as close a colour match as possible to the real thing, shades may vary depending on your own computer monitor or device settings.